Weird Science



By: The Dweeb


DVD Features

Video:1.85:1 Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1,  DTS 5.1

Remastered With the Original Motion Picture Music

Theatrical release:8/2/1985
DVD released on 9/2/2003 by Universal
Running time of 94 minutes

Anthony Michael Hall, Kelly LeBrock, Ilan Mitchell-Smith

Director: John Hughes

Plot: Two unpopular teenagers, Gary and Wyatt, fail at all attempts to be accepted by their peers. Their desperation to be liked leads them to "create" a woman via their computer. Their living and breathing creation is a gorgeous woman, Lisa, who’s purpose is to boost their confidence level by putting them into situations which require Gary and Wyatt to act like men. On their road to become accepted they encounter many hilarious obstacles which gives the movie an overall sense of silliness.



When most people mention films from John Hughes, most will think of The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, or even Home Alone. Many don’t realize that this lesser known, and odd film, is also from him. Ah, this is one of my favorite films from this genre, full of big hair do’s, a bunch of drunken teenagers and a kickin music soundtrack. Throughout most of this decade, a lot of films Hughes wrote dealt with the teenage perspective and life’s challenges growing up during this time. Weird Science is more like a 15 year old teenage dork’s fantasy come to life. A cross between Animal House and Frankenstein. We are taken on an odd and strange journey watching these two young "maniacs" gain self confidence and some temporary popularity with the in crowd.

The film’s main characters, Gary (Anthony Michael Hall) and Wyatt (Ilan Mitchell-Smith) are two of the biggest losers ever to walk the shopping mall’s of Shermer (A fictional town name used in practically all of Hughes films, which is actually a road that runs through the northern suburbs of Chicago). Because of their geekiness, they have no social lives and a constantly tormented by two bullies Ian (Robert Downey Jr.) and Max (Robert Rusler). So, one night at Wyatt’s house they decide to create this woman using his computer. Wow, didn’t know 1985 technology had such processing power.

Anyways, enter the beautiful and charming, Lisa, played by Kelly LeBrock. She takes these two losers and unwillingly transforms them into real men, sorta. She turns everything upside down and sends them on this crazy adventure starting with a late night drinking binge that ends with Wyatt’s house becoming this huge frat party, complete with Post apocalyptic motorcycle mutants straight out of Mad Max. Yeah this movie has it moments, most of them I find hilarious.

Naturally, in the middle of all this craziness is Chet (a young Bill Paxton), Wyatt’s older brother who asserts is dominance every chance he gets. Oh, he gets his due from Lisa eventually. He has some of my favorite movie quotes of all time. "How ’bout a nice greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray? " Yeah, I don’t know why I like it either, just that whole scene is hilarious no matter how many times I see it.

I think every time I turn on the TV somebody is playing this film, so why get the DVD? Good question. I can only see a couple of reasons why. First, it will be unedited, and it is presented in DTS surround. Why, I don’t really know. The mix isn’t that fantastic and this isn’t some action flick, at least the picture has been remastered so it looks pretty good. Unfortunately there are absolutely no extras included on here, even though this is a re release, very disappointing. That’s always a big black mark in my book, so you may be better off just watching the endless runs on TNT instead. I love this movie, but I don’t think the DVD is worth getting unless its in the bargain bin at Walmart. Unless you are a huge fan or are trying to relive your youth like I am, you can safely steer past this one.

Reviewer’s Opinion: BORROW IT!!

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