The Golden Compass Controversy? Oh Noes!


Today marks the big day for the release of the film The Golden Compass, starring Nicole Kidman. It is another fantasy film based on the book series His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman much like Chronicles of Narnia or Lord Of The Rings, filled with amazing special effects and so and so forth. Normally I remain silent on upcoming films. So today while browsing around I see the top feature on Yahoo is all about the controversy surrounding the film. Gee you don’t think Yahoo is using this to promote the film do you?

I know much has been said already but I will add my two cents here. Please note I have not seen the film or read the books. ITS A MOVIE PEOPLE! You folks who are complaining about its supposed anti church/religion stance are only making matters worse by drawing attention to it! If you don’t want anyone to see this film then STOP TALKING ABOUT IT! You are playing into New Line Cinemas hands because any publicity is good publicity. You have even peaked my interest as I had no plans to see it in the theater. Now I may go, but I will make a bold prediction here, its probably overblown. The creators of the film even have said themselves that those naughty bits have been watered down. I wonder have any of these people even seen the film yet? This is following the same pattern as other films that have struck the ire of the Church, Harry Potter and Dogma both come to mind.

This is a film, nothing more. If you feel offended, don’t go see it. Really,this only serves to sell more tickets. Won’t someone think of the children! How about we let parents decide for themselves if this is appropriate for their kids eh? Rant over, please drive through.

UPDATE: Welp looks like I was fairly correct, the media is trumpeting a $26 million dollar opening weekend a flop for this film. Wow, $26 million is a flop? Cripes.

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